Felco Compact Model 6 secateurs

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A light and compact model, recommended for all types of pruning. Designed especially for small hands, ideal for the elderly or keen young gardeners !Ideal for SMALL & MEDIUM hands. Felco Secateurs and pruning products are appreciated and approved by top gardeners for their reliability and strength. Secateurs and Pruners by Felco are the choice of the professionals. Lifetime guarantee – highest quality materials – Swiss made

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Compact Model 6 secateurs

by Felco – 55.99 – An official Felco stockist since 1999

  • Length 19.5cm
  • Weight 210g
  • Cuts up to approx 20mm (0.8 inch) diameter branches
  • Forged aluminium alloy handles with red grips
  • Anvil blade
  • Carbon steel blade with wire cutting notch
  • Sap groove to wipe away dirt after each use
  • Safety catch
  • Rubber shock absorber
  • Chrome plated spring
  • Tapered cutting head for increased maneuverability
  • Toothed centre nut for precise blade adjustment
  • Ergonomically designed for smaller hands
  • Full Felco lifetime warranty
These secateurs have the following plus points

Full List of Felco plus points found across the range. For plus points specific to this model see above

Forged Aluminium alloy handles guaranteed to last a lifetime.
All secateurs have a manually adjustable centre nut for aligning the play between the cutting blade and the anvil blade guaranteeing a clean and precise cut.
The top quality steel in the cutting and anvil blades plus the heat treatment ensure perfect resistance and excellent cutting performance.
Most secateur models equipped with a notch for cutting small diameter wires.
Most secateur models equipped with a sap groove to wipe away dirt after each cut.
Angled cutting head on some models extends the access to the forearm thus increasing user comfort.
Revolving handle on some models spreads muscular effort over all 5 fingers reducing cutting effort by 30 % thus reducing risks of tendintis and inflammation.
Simple construction ensures parts affected by wear and tear easily replaced.
Ergonomically adapted. Some models are designed especially for the left handed or those with small hands.
Cushion and shock-absorber reduce the impact at the end of cutting thus protecting hand and wrist.


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