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Who we are – our trading details

  • This site is owned & managed by SPC Marketing – this is our trading name
  • We have been trading on the internet since January 2000
  • We are an AUTHORISED UK stockist of all of our brands

This means that we have been approved by the official distributors to sell their products.

  • We ONLY sell brand new, original products.
  • We do not sell second hand merchandise or “grey imports”(imports that have not had the tax paid or have arrived in the UK via an un-authorised source)

Safe & Secure shopping – your security

  • We take all security very seriously
  • All credit card transactions are carried out by PAYPAL or WorldPay Plc. the world leaders in secure internet payments.
  • We NEVER pass on your details to any third parties.
  • Our contact details

    SPC Marketing
    Twin Oaks Barn
    Sotterley Road
    NR34 7NQ
    Telephone: +44 (0)1502 675007

    Please note: this is an admin only address and as such we are not open to the visiting public


    SPC Marketing – compliance statement to WEEE
    (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

    SPC Marketing are members of the DTS (Distributor Take Back scheme).
    As members of the DTS we are actively contributing to the provision and improvement of recycling facilities in the UK.

    To view our DTS membership certificate, please click here

    Please find below some general information on the WEEE and DTS.

    Information and responsibilites of a DISTRIBUTOR / RETAILER

    33. A distributor who supplies new EEE shall make information available in writing to users of EEE in private households on-

    (a) the requirement on each member State under Article 2 of the Directive to minimise the disposal of WEEE as unsorted municipal waste and to achieve a high level of collection of WEEE for treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal;
    The WEEE regulations are European law, and the UK is required to increase the amount of WEEE being treated and recovered in an effort to stop it going into landfill sites. SPC Marketing promote the disposal of electrical equipment in the correct manner. Please see for more information

    (b) SPC Marketing are obliged to inform our customers about the collection and take back systems available to them;
    This has been covered by telling customers on this page that we have joined the DTS. We are NOT offering free in-store take back.

    (c) their role in contributing to the reuse, recycling and other forms of recovery of WEEE under these Regulations;
    As DTS members, we at SPC Marketing have paid into a fund which will improve the UK recycling network.

    (d) the potential effects on the environment and human health as a result of the presence of hazardous substances in EEE; and

    The following links contain facts which explain that WEEE contains hazardous substances which can be dangerous to human health. Any information provided to customers on WEEE will require some facts about the potential harmful effects of WEEE on the environment to be displayed. Some WEEE can contain hazardous substances, and that if this WEEE is put into landfill sites the substances can pollute soil and water supplies. This pollution can have a hazardous effect of human health and the environment.

    (e) the meaning of the crossed out wheeled bin symbol shown in Schedule 4.
    The symbol shown informs consumers that any product marked with the crossed out wheeled bin symbol was made after 13th August 2005. Products marked with this symbol are classed as WEEE when they are no longer needed, and should be disposed of separately to household waste.