Felco C7 Wire Cutters Swiss Made Genuine Felco Product

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Felco Wire Cutters are designed to cut through wire, mesh, netting, paper, rubber, nylon ties – in fact just about anything. The FELCO C7 wire cutter will cut through wire up to 2.5mm and cables up to 7mm wide – and thanks to the triangular cutting system, the wire is not squashed at all.

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C7 Wire Cutters – Swiss Made – Genuine Product

by Felco – 41.49 – An official Felco stockist since 1999

  • Powerful single handed cutter
  • Hardened steel blades & centre bolt
  • Pressed steel handles
  • Soft plastic handle grips
  • Will cut wire fencing meshing netting wire rubber leather metal sheeting plastic paper binding strips with real ease.
  • Triangular cutting system wire is cut cleanly with no squashing and very little effort.
  • Max cutting diameters (approx) : Soft wire up to 7mm Stainless steel wire up to 4mm Very hard steel spring wire up to 2.5mm
  • Genuine Felco Product


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