Bisley Basic Shotgun Cleaning Kit 12 Gauge Presentation box

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This Bisley basic Shotgun cleaning kit helps to give your shotgun a comprehensive clean keeping it in top condition. Includes 3 piece wooden rod with bronze brush, wool mop and bronze spiral brush. Presented in durable case. Genuine Bisely product.

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Basic Shotgun Cleaning Kit – 12 Gauge – Presentation box

by Bisley – 11.99 – An official Bisley stockist since 2001

  • Genuine Bisley product
  • Keeps your shotgun in top condition reduces wear and maintains accuracy
  • 3 piece screw together wooden rod with brass fittings
  • rods measure 32 inch end to end
  • phosphor bronze brush (approx 2.5 inch)
  • wool mop (approx 3 inch)
  • bronze spiral brush (approx 2.5 inch)
  • Made in Italy for Bisley
  • Supplied in rigid case
  • Due to the varying nature and worldwide availability of the sourced materials the branding on the items may not indicate Bisley branding. However they are officially supplied and distributed by Bisley UK and our credentials can be verified upon request
  • Genuine Bisley Product Authorised Bisley Stockist


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