Clulite Masterlite 250m rechargeable Shooting light kit

Masterlite by Clulite is a high powered lightweight LED rechargeable gun light which has an incredible beamgiving a clear 250m shooting range. Complete with the very best universal gun mount on the market. Also supplied is the tactical tailcap switch and the remote in line pressure switch which operates the two torch modes including the dimming facility.

Clulite Lazerlite LA4 1 million candlepower spotlight 1000m beam

The 12v 1 Million candle power Lazerlite range was the first of its type and remains the best due to its compact size and unrivalled beam. Supplied with unique pivoting handle. It takes its power from any 12v DC power supply. A selection of power packs are available. The Lazerlite incorporates the same lamp head used in our popular Clubman range. The Lazerlite 1 million candle power hand held spotlight has a piercing white spot beam with dual light option and is fitted with cigar plug connection.

Clulite Universal gun mounting kit for 25-30mm Scopes

Unique snap on universal gun mounting kit for 25 and 30mm scopes designed to create the rigidity and flexibility that is essential, by using a 360 degree dovetail mail and female – so important for mounting lamps quickly and easily.

Clulite MG125 Super bright rechargeable LED gun light

The MG125 is a small but powerful LED Gun Light which is an ideal gun light for ratting & rabbiting. The Super Bright Rechargeable LED Gun Light produces a piercing white beam up to 125 metres with up to 6 hour run time thanks to the Li-ion battery. Supplied with remote and push button switches and with Clulites unique 25 and 30mm dual gun mounting kit.

Clulite Pro-Spotter Rechargeable Gun Light 250m LED beam

The Pro-Spotter LED gun light produces a piercing white beam with incredible power shining up to 250m with a clear shooting range of 200m. Supplied with a unique gun mounting kit, tail cap tactical switch and remote in line pressure switch.

Clulite Interceptor Rechargeable gun light 300m LED beam

The Interceptor Gun Light, which is perfect for solo rabbiting and foxing, has an incredible 300m penetrating beam with pinpoint accuracy which makes it the very best dedicated gun light with a single LED on the market. Stock mounted In-line switch and rechargeable Ni-MH.

Clulite Clu-Briter 500 lumen 600m beam Rechargeable spot light

Latest upgraded model. Now 500 Lumens and 600m beam range. A single high powered CREE LED and a focused 60mm diameter reflector combine to create an amazing pistol style rechargeable 500 lumen LED torch with white spot beam shining over 600m and an impressive 20 hours duration (Low beam) and 3 hours duration on high beam. Engineered and manufactured in the UK.