Victorinox Hunter XS Swiss army knife One Hand open outdoor tool rubber grip

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The Victorinox Hunter XS Grip – an improved version of the classic Hunter in a smarter handy size with a rubberised orange and black grip handle. Precision engineered for the great outdoors with curved contours and rounded tip specially designed for gutting game. Ready to deploy easily with the large oval thumb holes and two single handed opening blades. The drop point shape and smooth ground cutting edge of the main blade ensures it is well suited to a wide variety of tasks. The second blade has an efficient curved blade with serrated edge which reliably cuts through belts and ropes with ease and also has a proven track record in emergencies. The tried and tested lock action of the two blades uses a guard that slips behind the blade heel when the blade is folded out, thus preventing it from folding back in accidentally. The bright orange grip makes the Hunter easy to find when dropped – even at night !

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