Macwet Micromesh Gloves Long cuff grip in all conditions golf archery shooting

£38.99 £29.49

Macwet Micro mesh gloves perform with total and unrivaled grip in all weather and conditions. Protecting hands from the elements they give superb grip in extreme wet conditons. These features have ensured that Mac Wet Climatec gloves can be used in practically any activity where grip and sensitivity are required. The synthetic fibres in the gloves have natural wicking properties – allowing water or sweat to be readily transported along, around and over the gloves surfaces to the fabric face. This means it evaporates quickly providing you with the ultimate comfortable and gripping power. Unlike leather gloves the fabric used in these allows the hand to breathe allowing for consistent and comfortable grip. The only glove of its kind, they give such versatility that they can be used for golf, shooting, archery, fishing, cycling, dog walking, equestrian, racing, watersports, mechanics – the list is practically endless !