Gerber 31001790 Bear Grylls Survival Poncho strong waterproof and windproof

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The Survival Poncho combines the best of both worlds to create a poncho that is light and compact but built to last, so it can stand up to multiple uses. The Bear Grylls Poncho is fully hooded and made of light, tough, waterproof and windproof polyethylene, so you can keep moving when the skies open up and the wind starts to blow. When the weather clears again, you can tuck it into its own resealable stow bag and return it to your pack where it will go unnoticed until you need it again. Its knee-length construction means it can easily slip over the head of anyone in your party, over your pack to keep your food and clothing out of the weather, or over branches to create a quick bivouac. When you need to be found, the bright orange colour adds an extra level of visibility without adding extra weight. When laid on the ground, it can be seen from the air. The resealable pouch can be used as a makeshift dry bag or water capture and storage vessel.

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31001790 Bear Grylls Survival Poncho – strong waterproof and windproof

by GERBER – 7.49 – An official GERBER stockist since 2004

  • Lightweight protection from wet weather
  • Hooded rain protection
  • Can double as a rescue marker flag
  • Bright orange poncho features BG logo on chest
  • Overall Size:40×21 Inches


Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 101 x 53 cm