CamelBak Fresh Reservoir Filter for quick link system

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Fresh filter from industry leader Camelbak. Improve the taste of your drinking water with the CamelBak In-Line Fresh Reservoir Filter for the Antidote Reservoirs. This filter system is compatible with the Quick Link connector at the base of your Antidote Reservoir and is easily installed by simply clicking it into the Quick Link valve on one end and inserting a water delivery tube on the other. It can also work with CamelBak Omega reservoirs using an optional Quick Link Conversion Kit (not supplied). The cartridge contains plant-based carbon to filter out bad odours and taste from chlorine or other elements commonly found in tap water around the world. Designed to provide fresh tasting drinking water wherever you go, each filter cleans approximately 31 gallons of water. It is easily replaced by unscrewing the plastic cap, removing the old filter, and replacing it with the new one.

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