Aigle Parcours Vario 2 Latest edition Wellington Boots

£145.99 £124.00

The Parcours Vario 2 range from Aigle features the Gomma Plus upper material which is a mixture based on flexible rubber and is designed to stand up for many years to conditions associated with being outdoors, including liquid manure and the ozone. It is also resistant to the ageing process linked to long periods of storage. The Aigle Parcours Vario feature Softex non-woven polyamide lining which is a great absorber of perspiration and is fast drying to leave a comfortable, pleasant feel. The lining is also sanitized leaving a rot-proof finish. This treatment remains in place even after washing. Fitted ankle support means walking boot comfort can be expected from these rubber boots, with support where it is needed most. Another feature of the Parcours Vario boots is the waterproof gusset with adjustable tightening calf strap which can adjust to all calves and remains completely waterproof.