Victorinox Outrider Damast 2017 Exclusive collectors Ltd edition gift boxed

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The 2017 Victorinox collectors edition knife. The production of the Victorinox Outrider Damast limited edition 2017 is restricted to only 5000 pieces worldwide, all individually serial numbered, with ONLY 100 pieces available to the UK. This limited edition knife features 10 functional tools including a precious 115 layer Damast steel blade and environmentally friendly black epicurean handles. Highly resistant to corrosion and wear, the blade also delivers exceptional cutting performance. In a streamlined silhouette designed without corkscrew or saw its perfectly portable. A laser engraved serial number on the rear of the scales along with an authenticity certificate confirms its collectors item status. An item made to be coveted for years and by generations to come.

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Outrider Damast 2017 – Exclusive collectors Ltd edition – gift boxed

by Victorinox – 269.95 – An official Victorinox stockist since 1999

  • 115 layer damast steel blade
  • 3.14 inch (80mm) blade
  • Overall closed length: 4.37 inch (111mm)
  • net weight 140g
  • Locking Large Blade
  • Locking Bottle Opener
  • Locking Flat screwdriver (5mm)
  • Wire Stripper
  • Can Opener
  • Flat screwdriver (3mm)
  • long Phillips screwdriver 0/1
  • Scissors
  • Reamer and punch
  • Keyring
  • individually serial numbered
  • Beautifuly presented in window gift box with certificate of authenticity
  • Genuine VICTORINOX Swiss product. Supplied new and boxed

In combination with the carefully handcrafted stainless steel Victorinox emblem a functional Outrider Knife becomes a pleasure to hold and an eye catcher. For the blade Victorinox uses uniquely patterned Damascus stainless steel. In comparison with conventional steels Damascus steel produced by means of powder metallurgy is tougher stronger and able to be honed to a sharp and resilient edge. This Damascus blade not only looks better but it also is a blade of superb quality for daily use!

You will be extremely pleased when you take this elegant and functional knife out of its special package. Once open it like the particularly strong can opener (with screwdriver and wire stripping functions) is safely secured against accidental closing. The can opener with small screwdriver has already proven itself millions of times over. A useful punch as well as a ring complete this sophisticated tool. After the great success of the Damascus series so far the Victorinox Damascus Limited Edition 2017 is the Eighth model. The Damascus knife comes in a prestigious gift box including a multi lingual information sheet and the guarantee that it will put a smile on the face of the owner.

Damascus steel represents craftsmanship that goes back more than a thousand years. Even in antiquity a few resourceful sword-smiths knew how to create blades of unusual toughness and hardness from different kinds of steel. The multiple folding and forge welding led to a homogenization of the material and required a great deal of skill and dedication. Then as now the crowning highlight in the production of a Damascus blade was the finish. With careful grinding polishing and etching the unique and characteristic patterns are reveled thereby providing a glimpse into the soul of the steel. (The blade of this knife is manufactured from 115 layer Damast steel).


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 11.1 x 2.200 x 1.2 cm
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