Titan XS mainspring No.1-15 Air rifle spring tempered steel with Bisley Grease

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Genuine Titan mainspring for air rifles and airguns. Highest quality Grade 1 Swedish silicone chrome vanadium steel. Each Titan spring is individually hand wound to an exact specification and only then is it heat treated and tempered. During the final tempering a specially formulated hard but flexible finish is applied to the spring to ensure ultimate performance with max durability. Almost friction free operation helps to reduce dieseling and maintains maximum power longer than most other springs. Genuine Titan product from an authorised stockist. Includes a 50ml tub of Bisley Gun Grease.


XS mainspring No.1-15 – Air rifle spring tempered steel with Bisley Grease

by Titan – – An official Titan stockist since 2008

  • Grade 1 Swedish silicone chrome vanadium steel
  • Heat treated and tempered steel for maximum performance and durability
  • special formula hard but flexible coating
  • almost friction free prevents dieseling
  • does not lose power when cocked for long periods
  • PLEASE NOTE: installation of springs into air rifles sometimes requires removal of coils by grinding and/or cutting the spring. This is normal and before purchasing and fitting should be taken into consideration
  • We are unable to accept any returns with modified/damaged springs
  • sold as a single item
  • any accessories pictured are for illustration purposes only and are not included unless stated
  • packaging may vary from images shown
  • Removal and fitment of an airgun spring can be dangerous as they can be under considerable preload. If in doubt do not attempt the repair consult a qualified gunsmith.
  • Please test your airgun with a chronograph to ensure you remain below the UK power limit
  • Includes 50ml tub of Bisley Gun Grease

Size Chart: (sizes in mm)

Model # OD ID Wire Coils Length
No.1 21 14.5 3.25 31 280
No.2 22.7 15.5 3.65 30 291
No.3 20.8 14.73 3.26 34 304
No.4 22.62 15.64 3.65 28 252
No.5 19 13.19 3 32 290
No.6 19 13.3 2.92 39 341
No.7 20 13.8 3.3 30 255
No.8 20 13.8 3.3 34 295
No.9 21 14.75 3.3 27 280
No.10 21 14.8 3.1 27 230
No.11 18.8 12.8 3 31 230
No.12 22.8 15.6 3.65 41 410

Compatibility list:
BSA Airsporter Mercury Challenger 635 Magnum Supersport Lightning XL XL Tactical XL SE Superstar oldstar Centenary
Air Arms Firepower JackalWoodsman. Khamsin
Original Mod. 34/35/36/38/45 (48/52/54 std power)
Weihrauch/Beeman HW99HW99SHW77HW77K
FWB 124127
RWS Firebird

Weihrauch/Beeman HW80 HW80K HW90 (to replace gas ram)
Air Arms Pro Elite

Weihrauch/Beeman HW97 HW97K
Original Mod 35/45/50
Hammerli 401

Weihrauch/Beeman HW35 HW35k
Webley Eclipse(std)
Original Mod. 48/52/54 (FAC)

BSA Meteor MK1 2 3 4 5
Original Mod 24 26 27 28 G46 70 71 78 7980

BSA Meteor MK6 & MK7 Comet
Crosman Phantom. Mod 800

BSA Polaris
Webley Tracker Osprey Excel Viscount Xocet Stingray Falcon Hawk MK1-3
Norica All models (except Black Eagle)
Relum All models (using existing inner)
Baikal All models
Cometa 5
Haenel mod. 303
Gamo Sniper Hunter 440 Commando Delta Apache CF16 Rangemaster Statical Magnum 1000 Shadow CSI Whisper 68
Gunmark Phantom NAC
Weihrauch/Beeman HW55 & 55T
Ruger Blackhawk

Webley Vulcan Victor Omega Longbow Tomahawk
Weihrauch/Beeman HW95 HW95K HW98 HW98K
Gamo 3000

Air Arms TX200 MK1 & MK2
Weihrauch/Beeman HW57 HW57K

Air Arms TX200 MK3 Pro Sport

SMK All Models (spring needs cutting to length) B2 B2 Custom Synthetic XS XS12 XS15 XS17 XS18 XS19 XS20 XS208 TH208 SKL208 DB4 DB5 XS36
Stoeger X3 X5 X10 X20 X50 XS3 XS5 XS10 XS20 XS50

Cometa 100 200 300 400 Fenix and Dragon Comet

Gamo Paratrooper CF20 CF30 CFX

Diana 350 Magnum
Webley Patriot

Weihrauch/Beeman HW45 HW25
Orig Mod 20


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