Niteize LED upgrade bulb Latest version Maglite D+C cell flashlights


Brand new additions to the Niteize LED bulb range. Super brightness bulb ensures an energy efficient piercing beam that will keep your D or C cell torch running in any situation. A PR flange style bulb which will fit most D or C cell torches between 2 to 6 cells (3 to 9 volts). An easy fit drop in replacement bulb, this unit will save you money on batteries and bulbs whilst giving your Maglite a powerful long lasting beam.


LED upgrade bulb – Latest version – Maglite D+C cell flashlights

by Niteize – – An official Niteize stockist since 2002

  • Latest Version Nite Ize upgrades
  • 55 or 74 lumen options
  • Energy efficient LED output
  • Simple to fit
  • PR flange style bulb
  • Fits ALL MAGLITE C + D cells
  • Automatically Regulates voltage according to number of batteries
  • Working voltage range is 3 to 9 Volts (2x 1.5v batteries up to 6x 1.5v batteries)
  • extends battery life by up to 10 times
  • LED life of over 100000 hours
  • Save money on battery & bulb costs
  • Does not damage your Maglite
  • Full instructions included
  • Suitable for ALL Maglite C & D cell flashlights


Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 1.000 cm