Mora 164 120 Wood Carving Chisel Set with sheaths spoon carving Made in Sweden


A wood carving kit of 2 superb quality Mora wood carving tools with protective sheaths. Recognised as producing some of the best in the world, Mora of Sweden have a range of carving tools for all types of use. The Mora Crook 164 is a specialist hook carving chisel for spoon and bowl carving. Single-edged. Mora 164 has a Stainless steel blade. The Mora Woodcarving tool 120 has a thin, tapered blade and a pointed tip made from laminated Carbon steel designed for dexterity when carving wood. Hardened blade of 61 to 62 Rockwell. Both have oiled birch wood handles which provides excellent grip and control when carving. They will carve most types of wood including hard woods such as Cherry and Ash. Mora 120 is supplied with a thermoplastic sheath. Mora 164 is supplied with a leather sheath handmade in the UK.


164 120 Wood Carving Chisel Set with sheaths spoon carving – Made in Sweden

by Mora – – An official Mora stockist since 2011

    MORA 120 Specification:

  • Blade Thickness: 2.7mm
  • Blade Length: 60mm
  • Total Length: 165mm
  • Thin tapered blade
  • laminated Carbon steel blade
  • Oiled birchwood handle
  • Thermoplastic sheath
  • MORA 164 Specification:

  • Blade Thickness: 2.5mm
  • Blade Length: 50mm
  • Total Length: 160mm
  • Suitable for right handed users only
  • Stainless Steel blade
  • Oiled birchwood handle
  • Supplied with handmade leather sheath
  • Genuine MORA product. Made In Sweden.
  • Leather sheath is not an official Mora product.

PLEASE NOTE: small amounts of tarnishing on metal parts is normal and does not affect the performance of the product. Any rust/tarnishing deposits can usually be removed with some silicone spray (such as WD40) and a soft cloth. Logo/stamping on the blade may vary from that shown


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