Magfire fire starter striking tool 3000 strikes

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Magfire is a new firestarter that has been developed by survival experts to work trouble free after getting wet, in a storm and below freezing point. Glowing sparks developed by a single strike will make a campfire, light your gas barbecue and stove. When traditional matches have been in contact with humid air for too long they won't work. Butane lighters don't last long and won't work in a storm, highly humid conditions or in cold weather. Magfire is a practical tool from demanding professional use to backyard barbeques.

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fire starter striking tool – 3000 strikes

by Magfire – 10.00 – An official Magfire stockist since 2006

  • Product Length 8cm
  • Produces A 3000 degree hot spark
  • The Original high quality metal alloy lasts for 3000 strikes
  • Water and oil resistant
  • Won't break in tough conditions
  • tolerated temperature fluctuation
  • Safe To Use
  • will not burn or ignite itself
  • Can Be Used As A Signal For Help


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Dimensions 8 cm