LED Lenser Signal Cone for B7,L7,L7E,MT7,M7R,M8,P7,T7

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Highly visible signal cone for the LED Lenser B7,L7,L7E,MT7,M7R,M8,P7 and T7. Simply put the signal cone over your torch, and you have a highly visible emergency signal at your disposal.

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Signal Cone for B7L7L7EMT7M7RM8P7T7

by LED Lenser – 7.95 – An official LED Lenser stockist since 2003

  • ideal for police officers and security personnel
  • dazzle-free red light cone lends itself to directing purposes
  • The signal cone is also ideal for air traffic controllers because of its homogeneous light distribution and extreme brightness.


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Dimensions 20 x 3.7 cm