LED Lenser replacement battery cartridge for P7.2, T7.2 switch cage housing

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Replacement battery cartridge for LED Lenser P7.2 and T7.2 models. Three stage switch (Momentary/High/Low). Gold plated contacts. Also fits the M7 torch.

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replacement battery cartridge for P7.2 T7.2 – switch cage housing

by LED Lenser – 11.49 – An official LED Lenser stockist since 2003

  • Replacement battery cartridge
  • integrated 3 stage switch (Momentary High Low)
  • gold plated contacts
  • replace your worn out switch or corroded contacts
  • Suitable for the LED Lenser P7.2 T7.2 M7 ONLY
  • the LED Lenser 1st gen P7 and T7 have a different thread which make them hard to fit. Some customers report they do fit others are unable to fit them. This is tried at your own risk.
  • has compartments for 4x AAA batteries
  • Does NOT fit the L7 or Police Tech focus torches
  • O-ring/Torch/tailcap/batteries are not included
  • requires o-ring (not supplied) to ensure switch is correct distance
  • NB: if threads/fitting feels tight we recommend applying a very small amount of lubricant to the threads to ease fitting
  • PLEASE NOTE: Supplied as the battery cartridge only. Any other accessories or parts are for illustration purposes only and are not included.
  • Only fits torches with flat profile button. Does not fit older switches with protruding button. See compatibility image for fitting.


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Dimensions 2.500 cm