LED Lenser P7,T7,M7,M7R Anti-Roll Filter Set genuine accessory

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Perfect combination of roll protection and colour filter. The desired filter foil is simply placed inside the plastic holder and placed over the head of the torch. In this way you quickly get the desired light colour and the octagonal shape of the holder helps to prevent the torch from accidentally rolling away on uneven surfaces

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P7T7M7M7R – Anti-Roll Filter Set – genuine accessory

by LED Lenser – 8.99 – An official LED Lenser stockist since 2003

  • Suitable for use with the P7 T7 B7 M7 M8 MT7 M7R L7E L7 L7E H14 and H14R LED Lenser models
  • Also suitable for other torch models with a head diameter of 37mm
  • Includes 4 coloured filter lens: Red green yellow and blue
  • Suitable for any torch with a head diameter of 37mm
  • All filters feature anti-reflective coating ensuring maximum available light
  • PLEASE NOTE: these are glass lenses and as such can chip or break if installed incorrectly. We are unable to refund or replace any which are damaged from incorrect fitting.
  • Here are some tips from LED Lenser on fitting them : Insert one side of the filter into holder and place your thumb and index finger on each of the filter in the centre to prevent it snapping whilst holding in position pull the holder downwards with other hand and the filter drops into position


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