LED Lenser Car Charger for H7R, M7R, P5R, X7R

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Here is some good news for owners of the H7R, M7R, P5R and X7R: From now on, you can recharge the batteries even when you are out and about. The charging set with USB port fits most cigarette lighters and takes up next to no space in the glove compartment because of its compact size.

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Car Charger for H7R M7R P5R X7R

by LED Lenser – 12.95 – An official LED Lenser stockist since 2003

  • LED Lenser Car Charger adaptor
  • suitable for use with for M7R X7R P5R and H7R
  • Designed to use existing cable provided with your torch
  • 12v lighter adaptor plug only. No cable supplied.


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