Lansky LKC03 Standard 3 Stone Sharpening System precision knife sharpening kit

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The 3 Stone Lansky Sharpening System has controlled angle sharpening depending on the hone/grain of stone used and so is designed to give your blade a professional, razor sharp edge every time. Safe easy and convenient to use this system as used by professionals, will ensure you keep your blades in top condition. Kit contains 3x stones – 3x guide rods – 1x honing oil

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LKC03 Standard 3 Stone Sharpening System – precision knife sharpening kit

by Lansky – 27.70 – An official Lansky stockist since 2008

  • Alumina Oxide and Ceramic materials
  • Designed to sharpen : Filet knives Kitchen knives Regular knives X-Acto and razor/craft knives
  • Suitable for plain blades only. Not suited for serrated blades
  • Patented precision engineered multi angle knife clamp
  • contains 3 colour coded hones
  • Coarse Red Hone (120 grit) for edge reconditioning
  • Medium Green Hone (280 grit) for sharpening and less frequent touch-ups
  • Fine Blue Hone (600 grit) for most frequent touch-ups to keep your blade paper-slicing sharp
  • Finger grooved safety holders on hones
  • One guide rod for each honing stone
  • Specially formulated Lanskys Nathan honing oil
  • Extra long knife clamp screws
  • Custom molded storage/carrying case to hold all system components
  • Complete easy to follow multilingual instructions
  • Supplied in carry case with 3x stones 3x guide rods 1x clamp 1x honing oil
  • PLEASE NOTE: colours of components in kit may vary from those pictured
  • All items are genuine Lansky products. Made in USA


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